Our Surface Protector Provides You with a Commercial Clean at a Residential Price!

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Glass Surface Cleaning

Step 1) Professional Cleaning

a before and after picture
Untreated vs. Treated

After investing in your new shower door, make sure you maintain that investment with the right product. Whether a new installation or an old shower that needs rejuvenation, our surface protector will make any shower sparkle like new for years to come. The Surface Protector applied by Bryn Mawr Glass uses 3D-Nanocoat Technology to create a barrier that seals up the microscopic pores of your surfaces and shields from grime, fingerprints, and other buildup. Our Surface Protector is long-lasting, won't peel or become discolored, and repels all dirt and water stains. It provides the following benefits:

  • Repels Water, Dirt, & Fingerprints
  • Sanitizes Surfaces
  • Protects for Simple Maintenance
  • Prevents Mineral Build-up & Stains
  • Environmentally Compliant & User-Safe Chemicals
picture of a clean right right angle shower
a before and after picture
a before and after picture

Step 2) Our Surface Protector

a before and after picture
Our Surface Protector

The Ultimate After Care Product

Can also be used as a stand alone product for additional protection or an after care product to extend the level of clean for decades to come!

No one understands glass better than the team at Bryn Mawr Glass. For this reason, we're now providing clients with our very own Glass & Surface Cleaner with application of our Surface Protector. It's simple to use, free of harsh chemicals, and produces big results. Both products are safe to use on all surfaces including:

  • Glass
  • Porcelain
  • Ceramics

Cleaning with bargain products can take time, leave streaks, or scrape away at the protective barrier on your surfaces. Get a streak-free shine and maintain your invisible barrier coating in just two simple steps -- spray and wipe. Your cleaning time will be cut in half, but your surfaces will shine twice as bright. Our Glass & Surface Cleaner is designed to make your life easier, and refills are available for purchase right from our shop in Havertown.

Step 3) Enjoy the Easier Clean

picture of a clean shower
The Final Product

Even if your tub or shower seems beyond repair, you'll be amazed by what one cleaning from our team can do. Once the Surface Protector has been applied by the Bryn Mawr Glass team, maintaining sparkling clean surfaces couldn't be much simpler. Take home our Glass & Surface Cleaner for weekly use. Simply spray the solution and wipe with a microfiber cloth. No scrubbing or scraping necessary. Your kitchen, bathroom, and windows will be sanitary, free of build-up and protected from dirt and grime. You'll extend the life of these fixtures without the need for abrasives. Take the guesswork out of cleaning and trust the products used by the Delaware Valley's most trusted professionals. The Bryn Mawr Glass Surface Protector and Glass & Surface Cleaner make maintenance as easy as can be.

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