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Custom Glass Services

Our glass services include the below glass products that can be customized to your exact specifications. Need your glass repaired? We also offer glass replacement and estimates for various projects. Please let us know your specifications and together we can satisfy all your glass needs!

  • Glass Shower Doors

    picture of glass shower doors

    We offer a large selection of standard and custom shower and tub glass enclosures to meet your needs. Visit our shower doors page to see more of our work and learn more about which type of shower door is best for you!

  • Glass Shelving

    picture of glass shelves

    Glass shelves are a great, modern way to add storage to your home or office without adding a cluttered look.

  • Wire Glass

    picture of wired glass

    Wired Glass offers additional safety than traditional glass because of the glass is constructed with a metal wire and advanced glazing during fabrication. This makes wired glass great for any area where a solid fire barrier and safety would be beneficial.

  • Pattern Table Tops

    picture of pattern table tops

    With a large selection of patterns available, the beauty and allure of patterned glass has risen, and applications can vary from cabinets, doors, showers, and beyond.

  • Glass Table Tops

    picture of glass table tops

    We can build beautiful glass table tops to your exact specifications and fulfill orders requiring unique shapes. Available in 1/4", 3/16", 3/8", and heavy glass table tops at 1/2" and 3/4".

  • Acrylic & Polycarbonate

    picture of Lexan glass

    Extremely sturdy, acrylic and polycarbonate plastic (glass look-a-like) can withstand higher temperature extremes (boiling hot or freezing cold) than standard glass making it ideal for kitchenware and electrical appliances. Lexan glass is also know for bullet-proofing applications.

  • Tempered Glass

    picture of tempered glass

    Seen most commonly in modern smart phone screen protectors, tempered glass was originally used for other glass purposes. Tempered glass is a hardened glass that is ideal for areas where safety is a concern because tempered glass does not shatter like standard glass and it can also withstand higher temperature ranges.

  • Laminated Glass

    picture of laminated glass

    Known for its ability to resist shattering compared to standard glass, laminated glass is a type of safety glass that is strong, solid insulator, and still provides good visibility making it ideal for windows. Seen most commonly in car windows. Available in standard clarity, gray or bronze.

  • Insulated Glass

    picture of float glass

    We can replace your broken (or fogged!) insulated glass window or patio door glass with a new insulated glass unit – known for its ability to retain your home’s temperature and save on energy costs!

  • Storm & Screen Repair

    picture of fiberglass

    Broken storm window or door? Bring us your broken or ripped screen and we can repair it for you!

Our Surface Protectant

Add protection to your new custom glass using our surface protectant. With regular use, your brand new glass will maintain its clarity for years to come!

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Types of Edgework

picture of a seamed glass edge
Seamed Edgework
picture of a beveled glass edge
Beveled Edgework
picture of a pencil glass edge
Pencil Edgework
picture of a ogee glass edge
Ogee Edgework
picture of a flat glass edge
Flat Edgework

Types of Corner Finishes

For rectangular or square tabletops, you have the option to consider which corner finish bets fits your needs!

  • picture of a eased glass corner

    Eased Corner

    Our most popular type of corner, the eased corner features a 90 degree corner that was polished for safety.

  • picture of a radius glass corner

    Radius Corner

    A radius corner is a rounded corner that is most commonly used for safety or when glass is located above waist level. This type of corner is not available with a bevel edge.

  • picture of a clipped and polished glass corner

    Clip and Polished Corner

    This corner is most commonly found in decorative pieces and can be customized for a variety of lengths.

chart of radius corner cuts on glass
chart of clip corner cuts on glass


From standard to custom Mirrors, Bryn Mawr Glass can assist with purchasing, customizing, cutting, and installing the right mirror for you. So whether you’re getting one to put your tie on straight or add natural light to a room, we can provide custom mirrors that will add depth and increase the beauty of your home. For more information on Mirrors, check out our Mirror page.

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Door Mirrors
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Mirrored Backsplash

Learn more about each mirror type by visiting our mirror page

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