How to Clean Your Frameless Glass Shower

frameless shower enclosureAlmost all of the shower doors we install and repair these days tend to be frameless. These clear glass showers make your bathroom seem bigger and more open. They also help to modernize older restrooms. However, many clients become concerned with water stains and soap drying on the clear glass. The truth is, you don't need to waste money on expensive glass cleaners to keep your new shower looking pristine. In fact, many glass showers can be kept clean with just a splash of cold water followed by a wipe with a dry towel. If you have more stubborn stains, try these tools: An old trick to get clean glass also involves water or detergent mixed with white vinegar, however, the vinegar could actually end up damaging certain stones, tiles, and aluminum in your shower. We don't recommend this homemade solution. If you're someone who would prefer to use a household item, you can add a tiny bit of baking soda to your wet sponge and it will create a safe cleaning paste. This paste can be used to clean other glass surfaces as well -- even your coffee pot. Consider keeping some cleaning tools, like a sponge or squeegee, in the shower to make day-to-day maintenance easier. End your shower by wiping down the glass doors. This will prevent those hard water stains that build up over time.