Keep Your Glass Shining

Keep Your Investment Looking its Best

Updating your bathroom with a glass shower door is an investment that you'll want to maintain. Bryn Mawr Glass recently started stocking two new products to help you do just that: a surface protectant that we spray on after installation in order to form an invisible shield on glass, and a cleaner our customers use to properly clean their surfaces each week. We know glass, so you can bet that these are high quality products that will give you the best possible results.

A Long-Lasting Seal

Our new surface protection product uses 3D-Nanocoat Technology to seal your glass. This protects it from contaminants and fingerprints while eliminating the need to scrub the glass clean. It Frameless Custom Glass Shower Doorextends the life of your surface and keeps it looking shiny and new. After investing in a new shower door, having Bryn Mawr Glass apply a protective layer is an obvious next step. This long-lasting product doesn't become chipped or discolored and offers the following additional perks:
  • Protects for Easy Maintenance
  • Repels Fingerprints, Water, & Dirt
  • Disinfects Surfaces
  • Prevents Stains & Mineral Build-up
  • Leaves a Sparkling Shine
  • Environmentally Compliant
  • Saves Time Spent Cleaning
  • User-Safe Chemicals

Our Glass & Surface Cleaner

Make Weekly Cleanings a Breeze With a Better Result

Our own Glass & Surface Cleaner is the perfect complement to our Surface Protector.Bryn Mawr Glass Surface Cleaner It uses a gentle formula that is free of harsh chemicals but still delivers incredible results. You can use both of our new products on any surface, including:
  • Ceramics
  • Glass
  • Porcelain
It can be tempting to opt for a bargain product to clean glass, but while these are inexpensive, they require a significant amount of scrubbing compared to our quality product. The finish from these cheaper alternatives is often streaky and its application takes away the protective barrier on your surface. Our cleaner works well in conjunction with our surface protector. All you have to do is spray and wipe. With half the effort, the result is twice as bright. Purchase your cleaning solution in our Havertown shop and learn more about our products here.